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We're a team of experienced stonemasons based in Cambridgeshire with extensive knowledge in stonemasonry. Whether it's repointing, repairs or full restorations we will be able to cover all your needs and provide you with a great service.
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Why choose us?

We specialise in stone restoration such as repointing, stone repairs and stone cleaning. You have the security of knowing we can get the job done to a high standard by the best stonemasons in your local area.

Our services

We offer a range of services from repointing and repairs through to complete renovations.

Brick and stone

Excavating joints and repointing using traditional methods to restore damaged stone. We can also repair any damaged stone/brick and replace it if necessary.

Brick and stone

Damaged brick and stone can be replaced and fitted then blending in with the existing mortar.

Barn repairs
and renovations

We're experts in coverting old farm building into a luxury homes that are ideal for residential use.

Recent examples of our work

Our recent restorations, repairs and re-pointing
Rebuilt a sizeable section of an ancient collapsed two meter high stone wall. I was very happy with the price quoted, quality of the work and the way in which it was tied into the original.


Recent client
Neil is a recent client who reached out to us for assistance in rebuilding a broken stone wall. Here is what he had to say about our service.

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